Jock Jones

Qualified Massage Therapist

After graduating with a diploma in Relaxation and Wellness massage in 2019, I went on to develop my skills and specialty interests in deep tissue and myofascial release while working at Release and Unwind in 2020. Since then, before returning to Release and Unwind, I have been running my own practice, including having worked for some time at Kauri Cliffs Lodge in Kerikeri. 

As a holistic modality, I love how massage is breathable and how it can be woven to address the uniqueness of every individual’s personal needs. 

The adaptive and very human nature of massage therapy can bring fresh air into the room of pain and stress management, influencing positive momentum in the journey of health and wellness.

I make it a priority to discuss with you those historical, physical, and psychological factors that are contributing to your pain or tension and will offer the best approach to take, but I always welcome your feedback and self-knowledge. 

I often combine my techniques in relaxation, deep tissue and myofascial release to provide an effective therapeutic treatment, where people can truly rest and connect with their bodies, minds and let go. 

It brings me great joy to witness people find freedom and release through massage therapy.

As someone who has experienced chronic pain, I know how debilitating pain can be, let alone the stress that comes with it. This is what led me to find massage and have an experience that inspired me to do what I do today!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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