Professional Massage Therapy in Auckland City

Jock Jones

Massage Therapist

Jock is a qualified massage therapist at Release and Unwind in Parnell, Auckland, He offers safe and ethical complementary care with a strong, empathetic focus on his clients’ needs. Jock utilises a combination of deep tissue, relaxation, and myofascial release techniques to provide effective therapeutic treatments.

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“I’ve had heaps of massages during my lifetime but I particularly enjoyed my 90-minute massage with Jock this week! It was very relaxing and intuitive as to where the tension release was needed and Jock had a lovely energy. I’m pleased to have found a good masseuse I can visit regularly.”


“Had a great massage with Jock. If you’ve not had myofascial release, I highly recommend, it’s amazing. I could have had that done for the whole hour. All the tension in my body was gone by the end, felt wonderful.”


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You will be directed to the Release and Unwind booking page. Once there, please choose either Myofascial Release or Massage from the available options, and then select Jock Jones as your preferred practitioner.

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